Detailed coverage of Maths mostly taught

1Numbers1 – 999a Number value an OrderingComparison and classification Grouping into groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, 10
2Operations on Numbers: Addition Addition of 3 digit numbers without and with regrouping Word Problems
Mixed Operations
3  digit numbers without and with regrouping Word Problems Mixed sums on addition and subtraction
4Multiplicationa Skip counting  a Tables
5Divisionan Introduction as equal grouping
6GeometryShapes, Direction, Position a Lines2D and 3D shapes
7Patterna Patterns of shapes, colors, numbers, letters
8Time and CalendarWeight and Massa Reading and showing time Days, week, month, year
9MoneyIdentification of Indian Currency and Addition and subtraction of money
10Measurement: Length and HeightWeight and MassVolume and Capacitya Measuring and comparing length Kilometre, Metre and Centimetrea Measuring and comparing mass/ weight grams and Kilograms a measuring and Comparing volume Litre and Millilitre
11Data HandlingPictograph, Tabular form, Tally table